Library iris.unstable.base_logic.mono_list

This file is still experimental. See its tracking issue for details on remaining issues before stabilization. Ghost state for a append-only list, wrapping the mono_listR RA. This provides three assertions:
  • an authoritative proposition mono_list_auth_own γ q l for the authoritative list l
  • a persistent assertion mono_list_lb_own γ l witnessing that the authoritative list is at least l
  • a persistent assertion mono_list_idx_own γ i a witnessing that the index i is a in the authoritative list.
The key rules are mono_list_lb_own_valid, which asserts that an auth at l and a lower-bound at l' imply that l' `prefix_of` l, and mono_list_update, which allows one to grow the auth element by appending only. At any time the auth list can be "snapshotted" with mono_list_lb_own_get to produce a persistent lower-bound.
From iris.proofmode Require Import tactics.
From iris.algebra.lib Require Import mono_list.
From Require Import fractional.
From iris.base_logic.lib Require Export own.
From iris.prelude Require Import options.

Class mono_listG (A : Type) Σ :=
  MonoListG { mono_list_inG : inG Σ (mono_listR (leibnizO A)) }.
Local Existing Instance mono_list_inG.

Definition mono_listΣ (A : Type) : gFunctors :=
  #[GFunctor (mono_listR (leibnizO A))].

Global Instance subG_mono_listΣ {A Σ} :
  subG (mono_listΣ A) Σ (mono_listG A) Σ.
Proof. solve_inG. Qed.

Local Definition mono_list_auth_own_def `{!mono_listG A Σ}
    (γ : gname) (q : Qp) (l : list A) : iProp Σ :=
  own γ (ML{#q} (l : listO (leibnizO A))).
Local Definition mono_list_auth_own_aux : seal (@mono_list_auth_own_def).
Proof. by eexists. Qed.
Definition mono_list_auth_own := mono_list_auth_own_aux.(unseal).
Local Definition mono_list_auth_own_unseal :
  @mono_list_auth_own = @mono_list_auth_own_def := mono_list_auth_own_aux.(seal_eq).
Global Arguments mono_list_auth_own {A Σ _} γ q l.

Local Definition mono_list_lb_own_def `{!mono_listG A Σ}
    (γ : gname) (l : list A) : iProp Σ :=
  own γ (ML (l : listO (leibnizO A))).
Local Definition mono_list_lb_own_aux : seal (@mono_list_lb_own_def).
Proof. by eexists. Qed.
Definition mono_list_lb_own := mono_list_lb_own_aux.(unseal).
Local Definition mono_list_lb_own_unseal :
  @mono_list_lb_own = @mono_list_lb_own_def := mono_list_lb_own_aux.(seal_eq).
Global Arguments mono_list_lb_own {A Σ _} γ l.

Definition mono_list_idx_own `{!mono_listG A Σ}
    (γ : gname) (i : nat) (a : A) : iProp Σ :=
   l : list A, l !! i = Some a mono_list_lb_own γ l.

Local Ltac unseal := rewrite
  /mono_list_idx_own ?mono_list_auth_own_unseal /mono_list_auth_own_def
  ?mono_list_lb_own_unseal /mono_list_lb_own_def.

Section mono_list_own.
  Context `{!mono_listG A Σ}.
  Implicit Types (l : list A) (i : nat) (a : A).

  Global Instance mono_list_auth_own_timeless γ q l : Timeless (mono_list_auth_own γ q l).
  Proof. unseal. apply _. Qed.
  Global Instance mono_list_lb_own_timeless γ l : Timeless (mono_list_lb_own γ l).
  Proof. unseal. apply _. Qed.
  Global Instance mono_list_lb_own_persistent γ l : Persistent (mono_list_lb_own γ l).
  Proof. unseal. apply _. Qed.
  Global Instance mono_list_idx_own_timeless γ i a :
    Timeless (mono_list_idx_own γ i a) := _.
  Global Instance mono_list_idx_own_persistent γ i a :
    Persistent (mono_list_idx_own γ i a) := _.

  Global Instance mono_list_auth_own_fractional γ l :
    Fractional (λ q, mono_list_auth_own γ q l).
  Proof. unseal. intros p q. by rewrite -own_op -mono_list_auth_dfrac_op. Qed.
  Global Instance mono_list_auth_own_as_fractional γ q l :
    AsFractional (mono_list_auth_own γ q l) (λ q, mono_list_auth_own γ q l) q.
  Proof. split; [auto|apply _]. Qed.

  Lemma mono_list_auth_own_agree γ q1 q2 l1 l2 :
    mono_list_auth_own γ q1 l1 -∗
    mono_list_auth_own γ q2 l2 -∗
    (q1 + q2 1)%Qp l1 = l2.
    unseal. iIntros "H1 H2".
    by iCombine "H1 H2" gives %?%mono_list_auth_dfrac_op_valid_L.
  Lemma mono_list_auth_own_exclusive γ l1 l2 :
    mono_list_auth_own γ 1 l1 -∗ mono_list_auth_own γ 1 l2 -∗ False.
    iIntros "H1 H2".
    iDestruct (mono_list_auth_own_agree with "H1 H2") as %[]; done.

  Lemma mono_list_auth_lb_valid γ q l1 l2 :
    mono_list_auth_own γ q l1 -∗
    mono_list_lb_own γ l2 -∗
     (q 1)%Qp l2 `prefix_of` l1 .
    unseal. iIntros "Hauth Hlb".
    by iCombine "Hauth Hlb" gives %?%mono_list_both_dfrac_valid_L.

  Lemma mono_list_lb_valid γ l1 l2 :
    mono_list_lb_own γ l1 -∗
    mono_list_lb_own γ l2 -∗
     l1 `prefix_of` l2 l2 `prefix_of` l1 .
    unseal. iIntros "H1 H2".
    by iCombine "H1 H2" gives %?%mono_list_lb_op_valid_L.

  Lemma mono_list_idx_agree γ i a1 a2 :
    mono_list_idx_own γ i a1 -∗ mono_list_idx_own γ i a2 -∗ a1 = a2 .
    iDestruct 1 as (l1 Hl1) "H1". iDestruct 1 as (l2 Hl2) "H2".
    iDestruct (mono_list_lb_valid with "H1 H2") as %Hpre.
    destruct Hpre as [Hpre|Hpre]; eapply prefix_lookup_Some in Hpre; eauto; congruence.

  Lemma mono_list_auth_idx_lookup γ q l i a :
    mono_list_auth_own γ q l -∗ mono_list_idx_own γ i a -∗ l !! i = Some a .
    iIntros "Hauth". iDestruct 1 as (l1 Hl1) "Hl1".
    iDestruct (mono_list_auth_lb_valid with "Hauth Hl1") as %[_ Hpre].
    eapply prefix_lookup_Some in Hpre; eauto; congruence.

  Lemma mono_list_lb_own_get γ q l :
    mono_list_auth_own γ q l mono_list_lb_own γ l.
  Proof. intros. unseal. by apply own_mono, mono_list_included. Qed.
  Lemma mono_list_lb_own_le {γ l} l' :
    l' `prefix_of` l
    mono_list_lb_own γ l mono_list_lb_own γ l'.
  Proof. unseal. intros. by apply own_mono, mono_list_lb_mono. Qed.

  Lemma mono_list_idx_own_get {γ l} i a :
    l !! i = Some a
    mono_list_lb_own γ l -∗ mono_list_idx_own γ i a.
  Proof. iIntros (Hli) "Hl". iExists l. by iFrame. Qed.

  Lemma mono_list_own_alloc l :
     |==> γ, mono_list_auth_own γ 1 l mono_list_lb_own γ l.
    unseal. setoid_rewrite <- own_op. by apply own_alloc, mono_list_both_valid_L.
  Lemma mono_list_auth_own_update {γ l} l' :
    l `prefix_of` l'
    mono_list_auth_own γ 1 l ==∗ mono_list_auth_own γ 1 l' mono_list_lb_own γ l'.
    iIntros (?) "Hauth".
    iAssert (mono_list_auth_own γ 1 l') with "[> Hauth]" as "Hauth".
    { unseal. iApply (own_update with "Hauth"). by apply mono_list_update. }
    iModIntro. iSplit; [done|]. by iApply mono_list_lb_own_get.

  Lemma mono_list_auth_own_update_app {γ l} l' :
    mono_list_auth_own γ 1 l ==∗
    mono_list_auth_own γ 1 (l ++ l') mono_list_lb_own γ (l ++ l').
  Proof. by apply mono_list_auth_own_update, prefix_app_r. Qed.
End mono_list_own.