Library iris.base_logic.lib.proph_map

From iris.proofmode Require Import proofmode.
From iris.base_logic.lib Require Export own.
From iris.base_logic.lib Require Import ghost_map.
From iris.prelude Require Import options.
Import uPred.

Local Notation proph_map P V := (gmap P (list V)).
Definition proph_val_list (P V : Type) := list (P × V).

The CMRA we need.
Class proph_mapGpreS (P V : Type) (Σ : gFunctors) `{Countable P} := {
  proph_map_GpreS_inG : ghost_mapG Σ P (list V)
Local Existing Instances proph_map_GpreS_inG.

Class proph_mapGS (P V : Type) (Σ : gFunctors) `{Countable P} := ProphMapGS {
  proph_map_inG : proph_mapGpreS P V Σ;
  proph_map_name : gname
Global Arguments proph_map_name {_ _ _ _ _} _ : assert.
Local Existing Instances proph_map_inG.

Definition proph_mapΣ (P V : Type) `{Countable P} : gFunctors :=
  #[ghost_mapΣ P (list V)].

Global Instance subG_proph_mapGpreS {Σ P V} `{Countable P} :
  subG (proph_mapΣ P V) Σ proph_mapGpreS P V Σ.
Proof. solve_inG. Qed.

Section definitions.
  Context `{pG : proph_mapGS P V Σ}.
  Implicit Types pvs : proph_val_list P V.
  Implicit Types R : proph_map P V.
  Implicit Types p : P.

The list of resolves for p in pvs.
  Fixpoint proph_list_resolves pvs p : list V :=
    match pvs with
    | [][]
    | (q,v)::pvsif decide (p = q) then v :: proph_list_resolves pvs p
                    else proph_list_resolves pvs p

  Definition proph_resolves_in_list R pvs :=
    map_Forall (λ p vs, vs = proph_list_resolves pvs p) R.

  Definition proph_map_interp pvs (ps : gset P) : iProp Σ :=
     R, proph_resolves_in_list R pvs
         dom R ps ghost_map_auth (proph_map_name pG) 1 R.

  Local Definition proph_def (p : P) (vs : list V) : iProp Σ :=
    p ↪[proph_map_name pG] vs.
  Local Definition proph_aux : seal (@proph_def). Proof. by eexists. Qed.
  Definition proph := proph_aux.(unseal).
  Local Definition proph_unseal : @proph = @proph_def := proph_aux.(seal_eq).
End definitions.

Section list_resolves.
  Context {P V : Type} `{Countable P}.
  Implicit Type pvs : proph_val_list P V.
  Implicit Type p : P.
  Implicit Type R : proph_map P V.

  Lemma resolves_insert pvs p R :
    proph_resolves_in_list R pvs
    p dom R
    proph_resolves_in_list (<[p := proph_list_resolves pvs p]> R) pvs.
    intros Hinlist Hp q vs HEq.
    destruct (decide (p = q)) as [->|NEq].
    - rewrite lookup_insert in HEq. by inversion HEq.
    - rewrite lookup_insert_ne in HEq; last done. by apply Hinlist.
End list_resolves.

Lemma proph_map_init `{Countable P, !proph_mapGpreS P V Σ} pvs ps :
   |==> _ : proph_mapGS P V Σ, proph_map_interp pvs ps.
  iMod (ghost_map_alloc_empty) as (γ) "Hh".
  iModIntro. iExists (ProphMapGS P V _ _ _ _ γ), . iSplit; last by iFrame.
  iPureIntro. done.

Section proph_map.
  Context `{proph_mapGS P V Σ}.
  Implicit Types p : P.
  Implicit Types v : V.
  Implicit Types vs : list V.
  Implicit Types R : proph_map P V.
  Implicit Types ps : gset P.

General properties of pointsto
  Global Instance proph_timeless p vs : Timeless (proph p vs).
  Proof. rewrite proph_unseal /proph_def. apply _. Qed.

  Lemma proph_exclusive p vs1 vs2 :
    proph p vs1 -∗ proph p vs2 -∗ False.
    rewrite proph_unseal /proph_def. iIntros "Hp1 Hp2".
    by iDestruct (ghost_map_elem_ne with "Hp1 Hp2") as %?.

  Lemma proph_map_new_proph p ps pvs :
    p ps
    proph_map_interp pvs ps ==∗
    proph_map_interp pvs ({[p]} ps) proph p (proph_list_resolves pvs p).
    iIntros (Hp) "HR". iDestruct "HR" as (R) "[[% %] H●]".
    rewrite proph_unseal /proph_def.
    iMod (ghost_map_insert p (proph_list_resolves pvs p) with "H●") as "[H● H◯]".
    { apply not_elem_of_dom. set_solver. }
    iFrame. iPureIntro. split.
    - apply resolves_insert; first done. set_solver.
    - rewrite dom_insert. set_solver.

  Lemma proph_map_resolve_proph p v pvs ps vs :
    proph_map_interp ((p,v) :: pvs) ps proph p vs ==∗
    vs', vs = v::vs' proph_map_interp pvs ps proph p vs'.
    iIntros "[HR Hp]". iDestruct "HR" as (R) "[HP H●]". iDestruct "HP" as %[Hres Hdom].
    rewrite /proph_map_interp proph_unseal /proph_def.
    iCombine "H● Hp" gives %HR.
    assert (vs = v :: proph_list_resolves pvs p) as →.
    { rewrite (Hres p vs HR). simpl. by rewrite decide_True. }
    iMod (ghost_map_update (proph_list_resolves pvs p) with "H● Hp") as "[H● H◯]".
    iModIntro. iExists (proph_list_resolves pvs p). iFrame. iSplitR.
    - iPureIntro. done.
    - iPureIntro. split.
      + intros q ws HEq. destruct (decide (p = q)) as [<-|NEq].
        × rewrite lookup_insert in HEq. by inversion HEq.
        × rewrite lookup_insert_ne in HEq; last done.
          rewrite (Hres q ws HEq).
          simpl. rewrite decide_False; done.
      + assert (p dom R) by exact: elem_of_dom_2.
        rewrite dom_insert. set_solver.
End proph_map.