Library iris.proofmode.reduction

From Require Import bi telescopes.
From iris.proofmode Require Import base environments.
From iris.prelude Require Import options.

Called by all tactics to perform computation to lookup items in the context. We avoid reducing anything user-visible here to make sure we do not reduce e.g. before unification happens in iApply. This needs to contain all definitions used in the user-visible statements in coq_tactics, and their dependencies.
Declare Reduction pm_eval := cbv [
  base.negb base.beq
  base.Pos_succ base.ascii_beq base.string_beq base.positive_beq base.ident_beq
  env_lookup env_lookup_delete env_delete env_app env_replace
  env_dom env_intuitionistic env_spatial env_counter env_spatial_is_nil envs_dom
  envs_lookup envs_lookup_delete envs_delete envs_snoc envs_app
  envs_simple_replace envs_replace envs_split
  envs_clear_spatial envs_clear_intuitionistic envs_incr_counter
  envs_split_go envs_split
  env_to_prop_go env_to_prop env_to_prop_and_go env_to_prop_and
  pm_app pm_option_bind pm_from_option pm_option_fun
Ltac pm_eval t :=
  eval pm_eval in t.
Ltac pm_reduce :=
  match goal with |- ?ulet v := pm_eval u in change_no_check v end.
Ltac pm_reflexivity := pm_reduce; exact eq_refl.

Called by many tactics for redexes that are created by instantiation. This cannot create any envs redexes so we just do the cbn part.
Declare Reduction pm_prettify := cbn [
  tele_fold tele_bind tele_app
  bi_persistently_if bi_affinely_if bi_absorbingly_if bi_intuitionistically_if
  bi_wandM bi_laterN
  bi_tforall bi_texist
Ltac pm_prettify :=
  match goal with |- ?ulet v := eval pm_prettify in u in change_no_check v end.